Jazz at the Beach by Victoria Johns

verso l'autunno...

set menu

(evolution of our last summer menu into the Fall season)




Cicchetti: venitian "mises en bouche"

Extra-virgin olive oil from our family production



Line-caught meagre fish cooked by salt, white peach

kefir fermented goat milk, olive oil infused into basil



Pasta Monograno Felicetti, chanterelles of our forests

mushrooms consommé acidified with date vinegar

crusty aromatic bread, mexican marigold



Line-caught fish according to arrival, Médoc porcini mushrooms

guanciale Nicola Guzzo, concentrated fish bones juice



Red plum, olive oil, thyme with honey

fregolotta, mascarpone foam



Italian petits fours



The diner is served together with our home-made bread obtained by natural fermentation of our italian sourdough and old varieties of organic weat, natural salt of Guérande and no additive






Price in euro, all taxes included

Payment only by credit card or cash